Association Promotion and Solidarity
The Volunteering Support Centre for the Lazio Region
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The Volunteering Support Centre for the Lazio Region
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SPES - Associazione Promozione e Solidarietà (Promotion and Solidarity) (articles of association) was constituted through the initiative of seven no profit organizations in order to promote, develop and support volunteering organizations on the territory of the Lazio region. As its peers in other regions, in 1997 it presented a project for the constitution of a volunteering support centre, in observance of the Art. 15 of Italian Framework Law on Volunteering no. 266/91. The project was approved in summer 1998; this is how the construction of the Volunteering Support Center of Lazio (Centro di Servizio per il Volontariato del Lazio).

The activities of the volunteering support centres are defined in Art. 4 of Treasury Decree of 8 October 1997, their aim being to:

  • create the means and initiatives to stimulate the growth of solidarity, promote new voluntary initiatives and empower the existing ones;
  • offer qualified counselling and support as well as instruments for the planning, set up and running of specific activities;
  • organize training and qualification programmes for members of voluntary organizations;
  • offer information, news, documentation and data on local and national voluntary activities.

SPES is to favor the diffusion, the growth and the quality of volunteering and of solidarity in the Lazio region, by granting free of charge services that unite professional capacities and attention to specific needs of the volunteering world. Aiming at a more mature participation of the volunteering world, new organizations members have joined the association "Promozione e Solidarietà" through years, the final aim being an ever ampler consensus on the spirit of service and networking that represents the primary imprinting of all SPES activities.


Bilancio d'esercizio 2013
(Financial Statements - in italian)

Relazione Annuale attività 2013
(Annual Report of the activities - in italian)

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